Army Dirt Jockstraps

JS132-93 XL

Army Dirt
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Do you want to know how to get dirty with maximum pleasure?

Dominate or obey, give or follow orders  - may all your dirtiest fantasies come true with Army Dirt collection!

Feel as a military guy, a loader, or a mechanic or … anyone else!

What are you today? Take on any of the roles - reveal your dirty mood! Stay dirty all day long - put on Army Dirt top, socks and boxers under your every day white collar suit. It's you only who knows the secret, which makes you be so masculine.

All Army dirt items are made of pure cotton, which makes them suitable for everyday wear! The Jockstraps of this collection are individually painted with durable composition, so every item is unique. They are perfectly suitable for purposes as well as for daily wear. Combine them with Army Dirt Top or EnForce harnesses for more looks.

  • Plain jockstraps
  • Army Dirt print
  • Inner sack for your ‘man’s parts’
  • Soft cotton - breathable and comfortable to wear
  • The item requires washing before first wearing
Product Code: JS132