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Maskulo Men's Regular Rear Neon Mesh Trunk Shorts

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Neon Grün
Neon Rosa
Neon Orange
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Maskulo presents the new set of fetish underwear! Regular rear trunks with brand new mesh codpiece made of 2 layers of mesh: an upper layer of 3D mesh creates attractive shape, an inner layer of thin colored mesh is soft and breathable keeping men's body parts in comfort. Shiny black leather-looking spandex draws attention expanding your masculinity around. Neon details glow in UV black light - perfect for male striptease or indoors fire dance performance.


  • Stretchable tight spandex;
  • 2-layered codpiece: 3D-mesh upper layer and soft colored mesh inner layer;
  • Neon spandex and mesh details glow in the UV light;
  • Looks and feels like leather;
  • Regular rear;
  • Material: polyester 85%, polyurethane 10%, elastane 5%;
  • Colors: Neon orange; Royal blue; White;
  • Tight fit - Our closest-fitting gives you a feeling of compression.

Photos are provided to show neon parts in daylight and black UV-light. Please mention that despite all efforts were made to show the product look close to reality, actual appearance and colors may vary.

Caution! The chemical composition of some deodorants may cause the color change. To test please apply your deodorant on a small area at the inner side of the item.

Product code: TR051