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Maskulo Men's Foam Pads Cycling Shorts

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Your favourite zippered model in unusual design creates an athletic and at the same time brutal look. The leather-looked pads give muscles a visual boost of volume and makes them look heavier. Biflex color inserts are are placed on the inside parts and on the detachable codpiece details. 2 back pockets let you take all necessary things with you (mobile phone, condoms, cash, tickets etc.). The flexible material the shorts are made of allows a very comfortable sense when beingworn. Seamless elastic waistband causes no discomfort, no skin chafing, no injuries.


  • Made basically of black biflex with foam pads of stretchable leatherette at thigh level;
  • New aggressive codpiece design with graphical cut lines;
  • Back pockets on both sides, under foam pads;
  • Easy access through detachable codpiece in the front and zipper at the back;
  • New feature: improved dense rubber waistband;
  • New-style logo;
  • Material: polyester 85%, polyurethane, 10% elastane 5%;
  • Colors: Red; Royal Blue; Black;
  • Skinny fit - Slimmer through the body, properly contours the body.
Product code: SH1200