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Maskulo Men's Regular Rear Briefs

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The item is a must have for all lovers of night clubs, sex parties and prides - it combines sport style and brutal masculinity. The zippered model enjoys great popularity because of its universal design. Unusual color contrasts are used in the codpiece and in biflex details. The flexible material the briefs are made of allows a very comfortable sense when beingworn. Seamless elastic waistband causes no discomfort, no skin chafing, no injuries.


  • Made basically of black stretchable leatherette;
  • New aggressive codpiece design with graphical cut lines;
  • Easy access through detachable codpiece in the front and zipper at the back;
  • New feature: improved dense rubber waistband;
  • New-style logo;
  • Material: 90% polyester, 10% elastane;
  • Colors: Royal Blue;
  • Tight fit - Our closest-fitting gives you a feeling of compression.
Product code: BR1200